Electron Team

rom features for smartphone galaxy


Electron Team is a groug of people who contacted each other at xda-developers with a common goal: to port exclusive features from the new phone to the old phone.

Initially we started porting individually but then we united and ported most of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 features to Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 and we released it as a flashable mod rom zip.

Around 6 months after we released our first rom the Samsung Galaxy S5 was released. We decided to port the Samsung Galaxy S5 features to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and yes, we did it again.

The Electron Team is a group of guys famous in the Galaxy Note 2 community thanks to their pioneer ports of Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S5 features.

We can say without fear to be wrong that we are famous in the Galaxy Note 2 community thanks to our pioneer ports of Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S5 features and Galaxy Note 4 features not only to the Galaxy Note 2 but to any Samsung Galaxy device!



Saw Yeong Lun


Luigi Zotti


Frederic Feron


Juan Martin Bravo

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