Based on 4.4.4 Touchwiz rom ported from S3 Korean version by @arter97
Features ported from Galaxy Note 4 (Yes, we did it again!)
AGNI Kernel by default – credits to @psndna88
Standalone flashable zip (no aroma)
Rooted and Deodexed

+Added v1

Note 4 Air Command (new features)
Note 4 S Note with Action Memo
Note 4 Smart Select
Note 4 Image Clip
Note 4 Scrapbook
Note 4 S Finder
Note 4 Quick Connect
Note 4 Multiwindow
Note 4 Recent Apps
Note 4 Direct Pen Input
Note 4 Side Key Panel
Note 4 Resize Windows from corners (new Pen Window)
Note 4 Power Saving Mode
Note 4 Ultra Power Saving Mode
Note 4 Settings and UI
Galaxy Note 4 Launcher and Accuweather
Galaxy Note 4 Contacts app
Galaxy Note 4 Phone app with N4 feature incoming call popup notification, resize window during calls feature and call recording feature
Galaxy Note Messaging app with N4 feature SMS pop-up notificaton
Galaxy Note 4 lockscreen with charging effects and new lockscreen effects
Galaxy Note 4 Music Player

+Added v2

Apart all the improvements of DN4 and the 5 updates this are the new things in DN4 v2:
Agni 4.3.2 kernel with Boeffla Sound Mod (Thanks to @psndna88)
Toolbox added (Credits to kenet & grouxo from esp-desarolladores)
Smart Scroll added
Splanner lag and Font issue in Year calendar fixed
Handwriting mode in stock keyboard fixed
Bluetooth should work properly now
Abstract Tile added
Galaxy Note 4 Video Player
Galaxy Note 4 Internet Browser
Galaxy Note 4 Gallery with SStudio
Galaxy Note 4 S Voice with new pop-up features
Galaxy Note 4 S Planner, Email, Keyboard, Clock, My Files, Calculator
Galaxy Note 4 Story Album
Galaxy Note 4 Photo Note
Possible to use the same app in both multiwindows
Many more things that we might forget… see it yourself today.

+Added v2.1

Music FX equalizer fixed
Agni Kernel 4.3.4 with Wolfson sound
Fixed SOD issue (screen not turning on)
Toolbox and Smart Scroll removed
S Note updated to latest version till date
Infinite spinner bug of Floating Message fixed


Radio FM app doesn’t sound
Smart Select won’t work if you move the Spen few centimeters away from the screen

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