Android Lollipop 6.0.1

+Added on v0.1

All Note5 Apps and features
Rooted thanks to Chainfire
5way reboot
Call Recorder added
Delay message
Scheduled message
Save/restore message
External sdcard write fix
Shutter camera sound toggle
Standalone flashable zip (no aroma)

+Added on v0.2

Note 5 framework
Multiuser feature added
Sim Pin unlock fixedy
Direct Pen input now works perfectly
Video editor removed (64 libs issue)
Fixed cosmetic issues related to status bar
Updated SNote & fixed FC when adding a page in SNote

+Added on v0.3

Added weather to the lockscreen
Fixed auto-brightness
Smart Manager with Widget
Spo2 added to S Health
Fixed Photonote in S Note
USSD codes fixed
A bit better S View Experience
Knox apps and containers removed
Kernel built without Knox Kap and without TIMA Trustzone “Camera app based on Project Super Camera on Steroids” (thanks to kevinrocksman from xda) and modded from there Maybe something else…

+Added on v0.4

Based on Note 5 N920CXXU2AOJ5 firmware
Sound Alive FC fixed
Slow motion fixed
Wrong resolution in N5 camera fixed
SmartLock via Bluetooth FC Fixed
Toolbox added (7 apps max)
Side Key Panel added
Air Message added
N5 Photo Editor
Video Editor added
Heads Up Notification toggle added
Torch Settings
Keylight duration option unhided
Unlimited popup window apps
Lockscreen effects added – 7 Effects counting the None effect
More improvements to the quality of the camera
Live Video Broadcasting to Youtube with Camera app
Launcher mode settings
Outdoor Mode unhided
Air Gesture Added (Not all motions working, Quick Glance fully working)
Fast Charging toggle via DN Rom Control (DN Rom Control is not fully working)
Stagefright bug fully fixed
App Optimisation in Settings / Battery to improve the battery life
New features in Smart Manager app
Application Permissions (control the permissions of every single app using Smart Manager app)

+Added on v0.4.1

Sview Cover issues fixed,
Battery drain fixed,
Popping color png,
Samsung Update removed in info settings
Launcher effect removed from launcher settings

+Added on v0.5

Issue to forward with the finger on music player fixed,
Scroll Capture now works,
Youtube green embedded player on stock browser fixed,
Drawing mode and Smart Select FC in Message app fixed
Game Service and Game Tuner added
Galaxy GearVR support added! (You must flash this)

+Added on v0.6

Updated from Android 5.1.1 to Android 6.0.1

Compiled from N910CXXU2DPCB sources
SELinux permissive
Private mode fix
Wifi password fix
Screen mirroring fix
ADB insecure

Based on S7 Edge G935FXXU1APC8 firmware
All Edge features from S7 Edge
S7 Theme Engine
S7 Video Editor
S7 Photo Editor
Spen support
N5 Air Command
N5 Writing buddy (Direct pen input)
N5 Camera with sdcard support
5 ways reboot menu
Air message (floating message)
USB notification removed
Toolbox added
Torchlight settings added
AppLock added
AutoStarts added
Keylight duration option unhided
Outdoor Mode unhided
Tethering works
Opening at once/Always button back
All apps in multiwindow
Upday set as default ZeroPage (swipe to right app in launcher)

+Added on v0.6.1

Missing translations inside message app added
Scheduler message fixed
Music player in landscape mode fixed
Low light in camera fixed
Panorama 360 Viewer fixed
Edge Quick tool cosmetic issue fixed
Gallery now support spen shortcuts
Added Handwriting mode in Keyboard
Auto Enhance in gallery works now

+Bugs on v0.6.1

AOD (Always On Display) and NightClock don’t work due to kernel edits needed
Fingerprint for lockscreen doesn’t works (still works for all web-sign, private mode, etc …)
Camera modes: Live Brodcasting stuck at “starting broadcast”, Taking photo in dark fc, Wide selfie stuck at “saving photo” and also some pro options
Auto-brightness slide bar works but not perfectly

Flash recovery Philz or TWRP
It’s highly recommended to wipe data before flashing the rom
Only for N910C users: it’s recommended to to have new bootloader for android 6.0.1


ROM created by Arsaw, GigilinE, slink_59, titooo7 from xda-developers (E-Team members)
Special thanks to our friend sawdoctor from xda-developers for for the support, advices and tests
Special thanks to geiti94 from xda-developers for the tip to get the n5 framework booting & the fingerprint fix


Download and Download and Download

Update 0.6.1 and Update 0.6.1

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