Android Lollipop 5.0.1

+Added on v0.1

Rooted thanks to Chainfire
Deodexed thanks to Joeldroid
5way reboot
Toolbox added
Call Recorder added
More lockscreens added
Themes and Festival themes
Delay message
Scheduled message
Save/restore message
Blocking mode
Multiusers enabled
External sdcard write fix
Shutter camera sound toggle
Standalone flashable zip (no aroma)

+Added on v0.2

*Torch added to quick settings
*Multiwindow bar side chooser added in settings
*Multiwindow is now compatible with Multiwindow App Manager
*Floating messages added
*Removed FOTA app and certficate (useless if you are rooted)
*Removed all the Evernote, Google+, Google Books, Google Newsstand, Google Movies, Google Music, Facebook apps, Flipboard, Instagram, Whatsapp and Yahoo widget
*Modem removed to make the rom compatible with Note 4 N910H

+Added on v0.3

*TorchLight in settings
*E-Team logo in info
*Heads up
*Multi-instance allow you to open some apps in two mullti windows at the same time
*Air gestures enabled (including notification air gestures)
*BusyBox added
*init.d support added
*Permissive Kernel (thanks to wanam for pointing me to the correct mkbootimg)
PS: thanks to our colleague sawdocotor for several hints related to some build.prop fixes

+Added on v0.4

-Removed many knox files
-Now you can minimize have several instance of the same app minimized
-Ported Ambient Display feature(but it still doesn’t work perfectly)
-High quality Viper4Android driver preinstalled
-Viper4Android FX preinstalled (thanks toViPER520 )
-Added “No sms to mms conversion”
-Added exit button to internet browser
-Disable Message in Call Log
-Enable Camera during calls
-Enable Call Button in List

+Added on v0.5

-Disable messages in call log fixed
-SFinder/QuickConnect toggle to hide/unhide it added
-Phone shorcut in Lockscreen added
-ScreenPinning added (Hold Recent key to unpin !)
-Signature app check removed
-Secure mode in message settings doesn’t fc anymore
-Some musique features enabled (popping colour, Edit tags, …)
-Some various bugs fixed

+Added on v0.6

-Updates to Base boc3


Air call gesture doesn’t work properly
Ambient Display doesn’t work perfectly yet, so we recommend to disable it. You can just enable it to see what’s coming next 🙂

Flash recovery Philz or TWRP
Its recommended to wipe data before flashing the rom
Only for SM-N910F users: it’s recommended to to have new bootloader for android 5.1.1


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